Rising Star India 11th March, 2017 Review: Bannet Dosanjh Vs Sukhdeep Singh tie performance

Rising Star India 11th March 2017  performances:

The first Takkar of Duels between Ankita Kundu and Deblina Nath. Deblina Nath performed on song O Mere Sona Re and got 90% Vs Ankita Kundu performed on song Mohe Rang Do Laal  and got 82%

The second Takkar of Duels between Maithili Thakur and Sayani Palit was very tough as both are very talented singer and elimination of any one is sure shot loss of this show, But Shankra Mahadevan made it fair for both contestants by saying that He will compose a song with singer who will eliminate today. Maithili Thakur performed on song Keshariya Balam  and got 93% Vs Sayani Palit performed on song Aaoge Jab Tum and got 84%.

The third Takkar of show was between Shreyasi B and Ayesha & Abhipsha. Shreyasi B performed on song Mere Dholna  and got 86% Vs Ayesha & Abhipsha performed on song More Piya/Raag Madhuvanti and got 72%.

Bannet Dosanjh beats Sukhdeep Singh from decimal point:

The last performance of the day was very interesting where both contestants got same percentage of vote, By the end of both performance, It is a tie.  Sukhdeep Singh scores 92% as well as Bannet scores 92 per cent! But according to the rules, the votes are counted in the decimals so on the basis of decimal point winner decided. Bannet Dosanjh performed on song Ramta Jogi  and got total 92.91% Vs Sukhdeep Singh performed on song Tum Mane Ya Na Mane and got total 92.86% vote.

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