Rising Star Top 16 contestants name list:

Duels Ki Takkar of Rising Star India 2017, that started  on 4th of march and got finished on 12th march was the toughest round so far.

During this round we got to see strongest contestants of Rising Star India competing against each other, and trying their best to get selected for the next round of this live reality show. But because of the format of the show some very talented singers had to leave the show as only one of the two competing singers can make it to the top 16 list.

After the Duels ki Takkar on 12th march, remaining 4 contestants also got selected and thus Rising Star India 2017 got its  top 16 contestants  list. Here is the  list of top 16 contestants with name and images.

Rising Star India 2017  Top 16 Contestants  List

Ameya Date

Vikram Jeet Singh

Diljot Qawwali Group

Chelsi Behura

Nikita Boro

Afsana Khan

RaagDeep Band

Jidnesh Vaze

Ankita Kundu

Maithili Thakur

Shreyasi B

Bannet Dosanjh

Ankita Sachdev


Nitin Nayak

Rakshita Suresh

Rising Star India 4th March 2017 selected contestants:


Ameya Date performed on song Tum Hi Ho and got 92 % Vs Piyush Kumar  performed on song Tadap Tadap ke and got52%.


Vikram Jeet Singh performed on song song Naina Thag Lenge and got 95% Vs Dharmendra Nayat performed on song Khamoshiyan and got 84%.


Diljot Qawwali Group performed on song Tumse Milke/Sawan me and got  90% vs Vikram Group performed on song Hey Ram Re/Lili Lembdi  and got 71%.


Chelsi Behura performed on song Pari Hoon Main and got 87% Vs Loveleena Kaur performed on song Bhare Naina and got 75%.


Rising Star India 5th March 2017 selected contestants:


Nikita Boro performed on song ye ishq hai and got 92% Vs Anmol Sharma performed on song Ruth Aa Gayi Re and got 90%.


Afsana Khan performed on song Ni Main Samajh Gayi and got 90% Vs Nisha Sarwan performed on song Zindagi Me Koi Kabhi and got 81%.


RaagDeep Band performed on song Rang Barse/ Balam Pichkari and got 77% Vs Shraddha & Ramesh performed on song Maar Diya Jaye and got 61%.


Jidnesh Vaze performed on song Laaga Chunari Me  Daag  and got 84% Vs Deepesh Bhati performed on song Moh Moh Ke Dhaage and got 63%.

Rising Star India 2017 11th March  selected contestants:

Ankita Kundu performed on song Mohe Rang Do Laal  and got 82% Vs Deblina Nath performed on song O Mere Sona Re and got 90%.

Maithili Thakur performed on song Keshariya Balam  and got 93% Vs Sayani Palit performed on song Aaoge Jab Tum and got 84%.

Shreyasi B performed on song Mere Dholna  and got 86% Vs Ayesha & Abhipsha performed on song More Piya/Raag Madhuvanti and got 72%.

The last perfromance of the day was very intresting where both contestants got same percentage of vote, so on the basis of decimal point winner decided. Bannet Dosanjh performed on song Ramta Jogi  and got 92.91% Vs Sukhdeep Singh performed on song Tum Mane Ya Na Mane and got 92.86% vote.

Rising Star India 2017 12th March selected contestants:

First Takkar was between Ankita Sachdev VS Sheuli Samaddar.

Ankita Sachdev sang ‘Kehna hi kya’ and got 94% vote, while Sheuli Samaddar sang ‘Namak Isq Ka’ and got only 56% vote.

Ankita Sachdev won this round.

Next Duels ki Takkar was between Humsufi VS Gayatri & Shruti.

Humsufi group performed on ‘Allah Hoo/Rangilo Maro Dholna’ and got 87% vote, while Gayatri & Shruti performed on ‘Kamli/Raag Sindhu Bhairavi’and managed to get 81% of vote.

Humsufi group won this round.

Then it was time for Duels between Nitin Nayak VS Ishrat Siddiqui.

Nitin Nayak sang ‘Tere Bin Nahin Jeena Mar Jana’ and got 86% of vote. Ishrat Siddiqui sang ‘Ram chahe Leela’ and managed to get only 77% of vote.

Nitin Nayak  won this round.

Last Duels ki Takkar of this round was between Rakshita Suresh VS Peehu Srivastava.

Rakshita Suresh came with ‘Chhaliya’ song and got 93% of vote. While Peehu Srivastava sang ‘ Gun Gun Guna Re’ and managed to get only  61% of vote.

Rakshita Suresh won this round.



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