Trideviyaan : Sab TV Serial Review
  • 6/10
    Trideviyaan : Review - 6/10


So the first episode of Trideviyaan include the introduction of the members of the Chauhan family. From the first episode, it is clear that Deenanath is a secret agent known as Himalaya and that he too was once a part of the Undercover Army (UCA). His two daughter-in-laws are also secret agents known as Hawa Mahal and Lal kila. We have to wait to see his daughter as the secret agent, till now we have managed to see her voice’s vibration effect. The three secret agents are shown as regular bahu’s for their other family members, while in reality they are gutsy strong women who are trained for any situation.

Positive point:-
On a positive note its interesting to see first time in TV shows how a father in-law bonds with his daughter in-laws and how he is breaking the stereotypes by encouraging women of his family to pursue secret agent job that is off course full of danger.

Negative point:-
Scenes and acting in the show are somewhat overly dramatic.
We know its a comedy plus thriller series, but make us laugh with genuine scenes and events, don’t try hard but.

So overall Trideviyaan is a Indian version of Charlie’s Angels.If you are looking for some light thriller then watch it.

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Trideviyaan is a Indian Hindi comedy thriller television series which is  getting  aired on Sab TV.

The series has been  produced by Full House Media of Amir Jaffar and Sonali Jaffar.



Trideviyaan Cast:

Its main cast includes

Aishwarya Sakhuja, Samaira Rao and Shalini Sahuta.

Show Timing:

From MON-FRI 9:30 PM

Story of  Trideviyaan

The story of Trideviyaan revolves around three women who are secret agents by profession and also  caring housewives.It will be interesting to see how Trideviyaan keep balance between their family and profession. In fact, the show is loosely based on Hollywood movie Charlie’s Angel wherein the three talents and tough attractive women are seen working as a private investigator for some unseen millionaire.

Trideviyaan promos show  how they manage beating up the bad guys with preparing baingan bharta in the kitchen.

Trideviyaan Trailer


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