Rising Star 2017 Contestants names and Images:

The fourth episode of Rising Star Singing reality show 2017 season-1 on 12th February was Kids Special. Kids from different part of India came for audition and they performed as trained singers.

All the Kids performed very well. Even though some of them could not get the wall raised for them,but they were able to win the heart of experts and viewers.

As usual show started on 12th February with the live act by awesome hosts Meiyang Chang and Raghav Juyal.

Contestants names of Rising Star 12th Feb 2017 :

Rising Star 2017 Singing reality Show Journey has Started on Colors Television Channel with the Auditions of the Singer Aspirants. The live auditions continued on 12th February which was fourth episode of this show. The Talented Singer Kids  gave the Auditions and they managed to Win the Hearts of 3 Judges namely Shankar Mahadevan, Diljit Dosanjh and Monali Thakur , Audiences and Viewers on Television.

So given below the names of all  the Contestant that participated on the fourth day of Rising Star Singing reality show on Colors.

Anmol Sharma, Bhagyashri and Dhanashri, Chelsi Behura, Loveleen Kaur, Nikita Boro, Nitin Nayak, Peehu Srivastava has given rocking performance on fourth episode of Rising Star 2017 Singing reality Show.

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Performance Review of Rising Star 2017 Contestants with Voting percentage:


The first Performance of the day  started  with the song ’Slow Motion Angreza’ by Anmol Sharma. He gave his best.  He was able to get vote from viewers, as well as experts. He got 94% of vote and wall raised for him.

Bhagyashri & Dhanashri-Rising-star-contestant-2017-season-1

Next Came   Bhagyashri and Dhanashri with the song ‘Aplam Chaplam’. They  managed to sing very well but could not get enough vote to make the wall raise for them. They got 67% of vote.


Then Chelsi Behura came  to sing ‘Har Kisi Ko’ song. She sang very nicely, and got 93% vote.

Wall Raised for her.


Next  Loveleen Kaur gave awesome performance on the Song ‘Katiyan Karoo’. This performance won the heart of not only viewers but also the experts. She got 94% of vote and wall raised for her.


Then it was time for ‘Swaar Loon’ by Nikita Boro . Her performance was very good, she got vote from both viewers and experts and got total of 95% vote. Wall Raised for her.


Nitin Nayak came to the stage and Performed on  ‘‘Kadi Aa Mil Sanwal Yaar’. This was awesome  . He got vote from experts as well as from viewers and managed to raise the wall. He got 93% of vote.

Even Shankar Mahadevan proposed him free study in his singing School.


Now it was turn of Peehu Srivastava . She sang ‘Deewani Mastani’ song. It was a nice  performance. She managed to get 91% vote and wall raised for her.

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