Talent like you’ve never seen before. Vansh Vyas, the wonder kid, master of Nunchaku is all set to show his talent on television reality show India Banega Manch

After very successful and unique reality TV show Rising Star India, Colors TV is coming with another unique talent show India Banega Manch where will be NO Judges, No Studio,No Voting..

Check out the adorable Vansh Vyas & his Nunchaku skills:

The Nunchaku is a traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon consisting of two sticks connected at one end by a short chain or rope.

Traditional Nunchaku are made from a strong, flexible hardwood such as oak, loquat or pasania. Originally, the wood would be submerged in mud for several years, where lack of oxygen and optimal acidity would prevent rotting and cause the wood to harden.

Bruce Lee used the Nunchaku in many of his films, including Fist of Fury, Game of Death, Way of the Dragon, and Enter the Dragon.