If you are a big fan of The Kapil Sharma Show and the laughter king Kapil Sharma and you never got a chance to be part of the famous laughter show then here is good news. Now you can become virtual audience in the superhit TV show TKSS.

We all know that The Kapil Sharma Show has started again after lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic situation. It was the wish of all fans who have been eagerly waiting for the fresh episodes of the show to go on-air. Now they another reason to rejoice.

Already if you have watched few episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show then you must be aware currently all the episode being shot without live audience. So The team has come up with a unique idea and the host of The Kapil Sharma Show, Kapil shared how the fans can join the cast and be on the show.

The Kapil Sharma Show: All details to become a virtual audience in live show TKSS

So, here’s all details that how fans be a part of The Kapil Sharma Show as the online audience.

  1. Record a short video of 15 to 20 second (Make fun video preferably)
  2. Mention you age, city or locality name and occupation.
  3. Tag your video to Kapil Sharma Instagram account (@kapilsharma #TheKapilSharmaShow) and other account TKSS Audience (@tkssaudience #TKSS)
  4. If you got selected then official #TKSS team will contact you.

Kapil himself revealed the procedure that how fans can get a chance to be on the show and watch their favorite actors performing live in his social media page.  Kapil has shared a short video on his social media page Instagram mentioning that who wants to be part of the show online has to record a small video and send it to Kapil or the TKSS Instagram handle. This way they will join the team online.

Kapil wrote in social media page, ” Hello friends! We’re coming up with new episodes of #thekapilsharmashow soon and y’all can be a part of it too from your home through video call! All you need to do is make an intro video, upload it on Instagram, tag me and @tkssaudience and our team will bring me to your home.Lots of love🙏❤️ #StaySafe #thekapilsharmashow #tkss #fun #comedy #laughter #newnormal “ Due to the COVID-19 scare, Kapil won’t be performing in front of any audience. The studio won’t have an audience to cheer him or laugh at his jokes.