Pehredaar Piya Ki   has started  getting aired  on Sony TV from 17th July and from its very first episode it has made its viewers uncomfortable with its story line.

Pehredaar Piya Ki shows the story of a marriage between a  18-year old girl, Diya which is being played by Tejaswi Wayangankar and 9 year old prince, Ratan Harshvardhan Singh played by Afaan Khan.

From the time the trailer of the show came out, it got bad reviews from the viewers  as it was showing child marriage in its promos.

But still many were waiting to watch the serial and their wait got over on 7th July, but not the pleasant one.

And why so???

Then just read this:-

First from the promo itself it was clear that it is going to have a story of a 9 year old boy getting married to some 18 year old girl . OKK!!!

Still we the viewers had the faith that they will show some very bad circumstances or some old tradition for this to happen.

But we never imagined that, 9 year old guy will have  feeling for a girl twice of his age and its not only this but that small boy is following her lady love and there are scenes where in Bollywood style that big girl got scared because of a cockroach and our 9 year boy protect her by holding her in his tiny arms…..So much non sense !!!!


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Story So Far..

In  Kesar palace, a conspiracy is going on  to kill Ratan Harshvardhan Singh, who is Maan Singh’s only son and royal successor. The young prince  has already been attacked a few times and his mother Padma Singh is very worried now for his son’s safety and   wants the king to employ a royal guard for their child.

The royal family  visits Maan Singh’s friend’s place on the occasion of Holi and here the 9-yr-old sees Diya (Tejasswi Prakash) for the first time. Innocent Ratan, who has grown up listening fairy tales from his Kaki Ma Sa, believes her as an  angel and instantly falls in love with her.

He begins to follow her, and clicks her pictures wherever she goes. In no time, he proposes to marry her. Diya laughs it off initially, but then jokingly asks him to talk to his parents about it, if he wishes to take things further.

Diya’s father fixes her match with Kunwar Abhay Singh (Suyyash Rai) and Diya is very happy  to hear the news. The roka ceremony is fixed the next day. In the middle of it all, Ratan accidentally falls off the rooftop, but manages to hold the wall. Others look around to help him, while he tries to save himself from the electricity wires.

Diya saves him from this incidence.

Next episode shows a  car blast that was plotted to kill Ratan , but instead Padma Singh got killed and  Maan Singh is on his death bed.

Maan sigh wants Diya to get married to Ratan, so that she can protect him.

Its not logic at all

Maan sigh wants Diya to get married to Ratan, and logic behind this :-

Only wife can protect his husband from even  yam god of death.

for this simple yet not digestible logic a grown up girl is going to get married to a 9 year old.

The actors have done  justice to their roles,be it  Tejaswi Prakash  as diya orAfaan Khan as ratan .

But still the story of the show does not look promising and must say   Showing inappropriate love story.