Game2: Winter – Russian reality show of 9 month Siberian survival game:

A  new reality TV show like Super hit movie Hunger Game where everything is allowed   including Fighting, Murder, Alcohol, Smoking, Rape. This new reality TV show is set to be launched in Russia has sparked controversy after its rules promised to allow anything. Game2: Wintera will see 30 participants armed with knives and dropped into the Siberian wilderness for a nine-month survival test.

This online project will be screened 24/7 around the world which show  30 contestants evenly split between male and female contestants seek to stay alive in wilderness populated with bears and wolves.

Starting in July 2017, they will be competing for a £1.3 million prize, and are expected to hunt and fish for food in the bleak taiga forest in order to stay alive.The daring contestants, who must be over 18 and declared mentally sane will be allowed 100kg of equipment to last them until April 1 2018.

Contestants will be permitted knives:

The Hunger Games-style contest,called “Game2: Winter”, which is the brainchild of millionaire Yevgeny Pyatkovsky.  The contestants will be given survival training from Russia’s elite former GRU Spetznaz operatives, but after that they will be on their own coping with temperatures ranging from 35C in high summer to minus 40C or lower in the depths of the Siberian winter.

Even everything is allowed in this reality show but Russian criminal laws will still apply on contestants, the police will come and take contestant away if there is proof of criminality.

Participants can come out anytime from the show. Each participant will have a panic button linked to a satellite. If they use it, they will be evacuated from the taiga, but not allowed to return. All who survive nine months will share the prize money.

People from all corners of the world are allowed to participate and the show broadcasts  in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic simultaneously.