Rising Star India this Sunday episode was Retro episode, Where all Top 7 Contestants sang old Hindi movie songs.

This 9th April was indeed a special episode, where all singers came out of their comfort zone and gave their best.

Vidya balan was there to promote her movie ‘Begun Jaan’.

Episode started with bang on performance by Bannet Dosanjh on ‘Yaad Aa Raha hai Tera pyar’. He got 88% vote.

In the recent episodes he has emerged as a better contender of Rising Star India 2017.

Then Classical diva Maithili sang ‘Shaan se’. This was a nice performance,but not better than  Bannet.

Ameya Date performance on ‘Yeh jawani Hai Diwani could not raise the wall and he had to sit in the red zone for next two performances.

Ankita Kundu ‘Rangeela re Tere Rang me’ was the melodious song of the evening and she got 86% vote and also hug from all the three judges Shankar Mahadevan, Monali and Diljit, as well as from    guest of night Vidya Balan.

Next the chota packet bada dhamaka , Nikita boro came with ‘Nisha’ and  just nailed it.

Then Vikram Jeet Singh sang ‘Mai jat yamla pagla deewana’, he was doing good, but in the middle he missed lyrics of the song and  could not get much vote and finally Ameya Date got the chance to come to the green zone and he proceed to the semi finals.

Rising star india retro special episode with elimination of Afsana khan

Now only one contestant Afsana performance was left, and it was like may be Vikram Jeet Singh will have to leave the show.

So, Afsana came with ‘Jhoom jhoom baba’, This Retro episode was some what getting difficult for her as she generally sings Pujnabi Songs. She any how managed to get 62% vote.

So with all twist, again Vikram Jeet Singh was back to the green Zone. But this man deserve applause for his Honesty and truth fullness. As he himself told, he would have more happy if today Afsana could be saved in place of him.

So, After Retro special Episode Rising Star India 2017 got its Top 6 Contestants and their names are as follows,


Top 6 Contestant list of Rising Star India 2017

Bannet Dosanjh

Maithili Thakur

Ameya Date

Ankita Kundu

Nikita Boro

Vikram Jeet Singh