Rising Star S02 Episode 4 Started with the much awaited  performance of Sindhu Tai.

Finally We all got to see Sindhu Tai performing on the stage of Rising Star S02 in Episode 4 .

Sindhu Tai Rising Star S02 Episode 4 Performance

Sindhu Tai sang ‘Hansta hua nurani chehra’, this song suits her persona well.

She got 89% vote and was able to raise the wall.

Sindhu Tai received a Tutari moment by Diljit, Monali and Shankar Mahadevan sir  for her amazing performance on Rising Star.

Host Ravi Dubey did  share how Sindhu Tai is an inspiration for many to understand that age is never a barrier to succeed in life.

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Next Came Akhtar Brothers with their performance.

Akhtar Brothers Rising Star S02 Episode 4

Shehnaz & Sahil Akhtar came  to be the first Bollywood duo.

Last year’s Rising Star winner Bannet Dosanjh and all the fans from Ludhiana came live in supoort for the Akhtar brothers.

The duo set  the stage on fire by performing on the song Sultan. 

With a mind blowing performance Shehnaz & Sahil Akhtar raised the wall scoring 93% votes.

They also got Tutari Tribute from judges for their super performance.

With a huge responsibility to take care of his family, Shasank Sekhar came as the next contestant.

Shashank Shekhar from Orissa has dedicated all his life to his passion for music.

 He also got a surprise by  having his family on Rising Star 2 set, while he performed.

He sang Teri Meri Kahani.

With a stunning performance Shasank Sekhar raised the wall by scoring 94% votes.

Next came 12 yr old Vishnumaya Ramesh, a Malayali girl who sings hindi songs but doesn’t understand hindi.

She performed  on the song  Jiya Jale.

With her very melodious and super performance,she got 93% vote and wall raised for her.

Jyoti Sharma, the small town girl from Assam was the next contestant to perform.

She sang  Parda Parda.

Jyoti Sharma failed to raise the wall by  scoring just 66% votes.

Harmony Chorus Rising Star S02 Episode 4

The Harmony Children’s Chorus believe in singing for a purpose.

The Chorus performed on Kal Ho Naa Ho and Choti si Aasha.

With a sheer class performance The Harmony Children’s Chorus  raised the wall by scoring 93% votes.

Harmony Children’s Chorus get a Tutari celebration from the  experts.

Next contestant to sing was Sakshi Ratti, a super stylish Punjabi girl.

She sang Kamli Song.

Sakshi Ratti failed to raise the wall by scoring just 66% votes.

Last Performance of the day was by Sagar Mhatre, a teenage boy who is passionate about music and wants to spread the knowledge of music to everyone he can.

He performed  on the song Dil Ki Tapish.

He got 94% vote and wall raised for him.

His amazing performance got him Tutari Tribute by the experts.

Also Shankar Mahadevan offered  Sagar Mhatre to join his academy and work towards spreading the knowledge of music together.

In Totality The Episode 4 of Rising Star Season 2 was full of talented contestant, who entertained us with their amazing performances.