Rising Star Season 2 is going to witness a very unique and uthao Soach Ki Deewar kind Performance today. Sindhu Wadekar aka Sindhu Tai is here to prove that age does not matter, it is just a number if you dream big. So, Uthao Soch Ki Deewar and be ready to vote to Sindhu Tai to full fill her dream. She has faced many hardships in life but never gave up on hope, and most importantly never gave up on her passion. Watch her perform live on Colors TV.

Sindhu Wadekar,  who is 60 year old and now retired from her job at a post office is going to give her performance in Rising Star 2018 Second Episode i.e on 28th of Jan.

In True sense her performance is going to prove that age is no barrier, when it comes to Fulfil your dream. Till now she lived for her family, now its her time for herself and we should salute her courage and will power.

Sindhu Wadekar Rising Star S02 Contestant Performance

Whether Sindhu   Ji will be able to raise the wall or not its a matter of few hours, But she has surely raised the Soach ki Deewar and deserve a big applause and huge respect.

Watch Sindhu Wadekar Rising Star S02 Contestant Performance|

Rising Star S02 Episode 4

Finally We all got to see Sindhu Tai performing on the stage of Rising Star S02 in Episode 4 .

Sindhu Tai sang ‘Hansta hua nurani chehra’, this song suits her persona well.

She got 89% vote and was able to raise the wall.

Sindhu Tai Rising Star S02 Episode 4 Performance

May be her song was not that melodious or correct on sur and taal but what got her vote is her passion and her pure soul. It was heart warming to see her dancing and enjoying her own singing.

Sindhu Tai received a Tutari moment by Diljit, Monali and Shankar Mahadevan sir  for her amazing performance on Rising Star.

Host Ravi Dubey did  share how Sindhu Tai is an inspiration for many to understand that age is never a barrier to succeed in life.

We all Love You !!!!


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