Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation today. The speech is scheduled to begin from 7:30 pm onward on new year’s eve. This will be the first time that the prime minister will be addressing the entire nation since his sudden announcement of the demonetisation move on November 8 to ban the Rs 500 and rs 1000 notes. PM Modi is likely to speak on the road map ahead after his demonetisation decision and effect of this on nation, long with he may announce some policies to support digital India.  For encouraging #GoCashlessIndia, PM Narendra Modi launched mobile payment app BHIM at a Digi Dhan programm in New Delhi on Friday. While launching the Mobile payment app PM Modi lauded for digital India. Already PM Modi  has given enough indications that demonetisation will not be an isolated move, but the beginning of government’s fight against corruption.

Watch the live streaming of the prime minister’s speech on his website:

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PM Modi speech highlights:

  • We should walk together in New year 2017 .. and will cross the hurdles
  • Fight against corruption and black money should not be stoped..
  • PM Modi says.. I am requesting to connect and use BHIM Mobile apps
  • Every political parties should come together against Black money
  • Interest rate of deposit of senior citizen will be 8%
  • Govt is taking care of senior citizen too..
  • 3 crore kisan credit cards covert to RuPay credit card
  • Govt has taken some important decisions for poors
  • Working capital loan of digital transaction will increase from 20% to 30%
  • Honest people of this country wants to carft this nation
  • Mindset and thought process of Indians is changing now..
  • We have laid the foundation of great Nation…
  • NABARD allocated Rs 21000 Cr fro farmers..
  • Govt is bringing some new schemes for the country.. says PM Modi
  • Sabka sath sabka vikas….
  • According to data, only 24 lakh people in the country have declared that their salary is above Rs 10 lakh under I-T.. says PM Modi
  • PM Modi targeted corrupt goverment employees in his speech.. He said they will not be spare who all are involved in corruption..
  • Number of youngsters coming to main stream of life from criminals life… says PM Modi
  • My dear nation mate .. till what time we will not face evils.. PM Modi said
  • People have endured enormous hardship to fight against evils in the society… PM Modi said.
  • The problems which the people have faced for the betterment of the country is an example in itself … says PM Modi
  • My dear nation mates. I know you all were in queues for many hours for your own money.. Says PM Modi
  • Your this love is like blessing for me.. says PM Modi
  •  I welcome the new year, says PM. The country took a giant step towards purification shortly after Diwali. This will be a major step in guiding the path of India in the coming years, says PM Modi. Modi says black money had even made honest to bent its knee in front of the corrupt, They were victim of circumstances.

Watch PM Modi’s address to the nation video here: