India’s Biryaniwala is no less than Pakistani Chaiwala:

After Pakistani’s Chaiwala, Now its  India’s Biryaniwala who has become internet sensation.

 Majid Khan a biryaniwala from delhi is no less than a model in terms of looks and personality.

Remember how Pakistani chaiwala Arshad Khan was quite viral on internet. His looks and blue eyes made him celebrity overnight. Majid’s photoshoot in social media is quite viral. It was  recently shot by an English newspaper. Majid Khan works in delhi biryani restaurant could  not believe when english news paper Hindustan Times offered him for photo shoot.They approached Majid for the photo shoot as they spotted him and his model like personality. Initially Majid was not convinced for photo shoot as he was unwilling to believe that he could be a model but later agreed on condition that he should not get late for his work.

About Delhi’s Biryaniwala Majid Khan:

Majid is 23 year old resident of Haldwani in Uttarakhand. where his father is a laborer who works on per day wages. He earns 7 thousand rupees per month from his job in biryani restaurant. Five months ago he came to Delhi in search of work. He works from 7AM to till 2AM night daily. Even  though as today Majid has become internet sensation but he has no time to watch TV, nor he has mobile.

Photos of Delhi’s Biryaniwala Majid Khan:

Majid Khan Delhi's Biryaniwala

India's Biryaniwala Majid Khan