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Few safety steps for New year’s Eve celebrations:

Have lots of plans to celebrate the New Year’s. No matter where you hang out to celebrate New Year’s Eve and with whom you are planning but celebrate safely by planning ahead on how to get home. please don’t forget to take the following precautions while celebrating the New year bash or party. We all should follow some Do’s and Don’ts steps. These few safety steps can safe us and our love one from major injuries or mishaps, SO it is important to know the do’s and don’ts for New year celebrations. Given below few Safety guidelines.

Very important thing you should must follow:

  1. List down the Important Contact number and save it in your mobile as well as keep in paper or page with you.
  2. In India Police Control room number is  100. If you are not able to make the call using you are code example (If you phone can’t dial 100 then add area code before 100 for example: For Delhi – 011 100)
  3. Call the police if you see anything illegal or suspicious taking place around you.

Do’s and Don’ts for a safe for safe new year’s celebration

  • If you plan on drinking, don’t drive! Protect yourself and others by having a designated driver.
  • Auto accidents due to alcohol consumption are highest between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m., so avoid being on the road at those times.
  • Use public transportation or book & take a cab both to and from the celebration’s place so you can avoid leaving your car in a strange place overnight.
  • Check that your windows are rolled up, doors are locked and valuables are out of sight.
  • If you’re driving, be aware of your surroundings. New Year’s Eve is notorious for drunk driving, and the best way to keep you and your loved ones safe, is to know where you’re at and be alert while behind the wheel.
  • If you are planning to use fireworks the use only outdoor, do not use fireworks sparkles indoor.
  • If you’re burning candles, incense or oil burners, remember to extinguish them before you turn in or before you leave the room they are burning in.
  • New Year’s Eve is a night to have fun and celebrate the coming year. However, safety is a must when participating in the festivities. Whether you’re staying in and celebrating with friends and family, or you’re travelling to a party or city bash, following a few safety tips will ensure that you’re safe and sound when the clock strikes midnight, ringing in the new year!
  • If you’re drinking, leave the keys with a designated driver. If you don’t have a designated driver, call a taxi. If you’re attending a party at someone else’s home, leave your keys with the host. If you’re the hostess, provide a bowl at the door where guests can put their keys before the party begins. This way, you can ensure no one leaves your home while intoxicated.
  • Carry what you need in your handbag or wallet, such as your driver’s license, money and one credit card.  Don’t take your department store credit cards, gift cards or any other valuables that you might normally carry with you.
  • While it’s fun to share where you are on social media sites, beware of doing so, as you are publicly alerting others that you are not at home.
  • Be on guard and aware of your surroundings.
  • If you’re attending a large party where there are crowds, travel with a group or in pairs.
  • Make sure everyone has a “buddy” who can confirm they got home safely at the end of the night.
  • If you become separated from your group, check with the bar/party staff so they can contact a taxi company for you.
  • Do not leave drinks unattended. Finish it before you hit the dance floor or restroom.
  • Don’t forget to eat, and drink water or non-alcoholic beverages in between alcoholic ones.
  • It’s not just people behind the wheel you have to pay attention to when you go home. Watch out for intoxicated walkers who pay no attention to lights or crosswalks.
  • If you are planning to walk, do not go alone as you may be setting yourself up for an attacker to target you.  Pay attention to where you are going and look for bumps, potholes and curb to avoid injury.

Review Sansar team wish you a very Happy New Year 🙂