As This year 2016 is going to end and we are at the verge of welcoming a New Year,So like most of the people world wide, I also want to leave past some of my bad habits that i inherited from year 2015, Yes made a resolution for it but broken in 2016 :P.

I feel  most of us are same in making resolutions for new year, but we break it as fast as we make.

So i am going to make a list of  Commonly Broken New Year’s Resolutions:



1. Loose Weight

It is the resolution that i am breaking ,do not know from how many years.

Every time when i see some chocolate or cookies or for that matter any fast food, i just forget my Resolution.

2. Exercise

Most of us Always plan to Start doing yoga or any exercise from the very first day of the new year, But after some days or months we start feeling lazy to wake up early and likewise we stop doing exercise.

3. Eat Healthier and Diet

Yes, Off course we all plan our Diet chart that we will follow after all the festivities of new year will commence to an end. We think of including more protein ,less carbohydrate,more of salad.

But as we have to force our taste buds to follow this, we do not last much longer in this resolution also.

4. Learn Something New

We all want to learn new things ,be it playing guitar , or Dance or photography or simply something related to our professional field, But due to lake of time or other circumstances we could not.

So, as the new year approaches most of us keep them as our new year resolution and we vow that we will make them our passion and blah blah,But with time we realize we can not keep our promise.

5. Travel to New Places

Travel  to New Places is on almost everyone’s bucket list, and some of the first things that we think of in new year include these Traveling destinations. Most of us dream of a Road trip to leh  Ladakh or other hill stations.

But due to tight working schedules and lack of money, we often miss it.

6. Saving Money

As we saw in our previous resolution, lack of money make us to escape trips to our desired destinations and many other things, so its going to be most of us next resolution of new year to save money.

To save money we plan to spend less on our comfort and fashion,but as soon as we see our favorite dress in our favorite brand, we can  not stop ourselves from buying it.

7. Quit Smoking

Its among one of the famous resolution that we keep in new year.

We all know smoking  is harmful to our health, it makes our teeth yellow, it is extremely annoying for all non-smokers and  is expensive too.

Many of the  smokers realize all these drawbacks and want to quit smoking. Unfortunately, only about 10% of those who make the resolution to quit this bad habit are able to keep it for at least 6 months.

8. Quit drinking

“I’m never going to drink again” We all have heard this many times by many people who drink alcohol. There is actually a considerable amount of people who make a New Year resolution to quit drinking similar to  quit smoking.

But these addictions are very hard to get rid off.

9. Get organized

This one always use to be among my resolution list from the time I started to make the list.

Every new year i feel to be more organised, so that i can increase my work efficiency, but after few months I will be on the same old  track.

Think this goes for most of the people.

10. Spend more time with family

If someone can keep the previous resolution of getting well organised, then they can easily follow this resolution.

Starting of New year is also an ideal time to spend more time with family,But  generally  people tend to get back to their working routine soon with only small numbers of those who can keep this resolution throughout the whole year.

11. Get out of debt

Its among most famous  resolution that generally people keep.

But it requires to cut comfort level and some bad habits.

12. Get New job

Most of us dream of a well paying , nice job in new year.

Most of us include this in our  resolution list for new year, but only few succeed in this.

13. Manage stress better

We all want to manage our stress level,as its not going to do any good to us instead it spoils our health and peace of mind.

But its hard to achieve.

14. Enjoy life to the fullest

This resolution is  also  among famous one  but the failure rate is very high again. Many people work way too hard and do not get  time for vacation .Tight family budgets often  don’t allow people keep this resolution, forcing them to work more and more.

15. Spend less time on Social Media

It’s a fact that most of us spend our whole day browsing social media. its like we have got addicted to them.