Dhinchak Pooja  is an Indian web-based singer and song-writer. She is known for her music videos on YouTube.

Her music videos are way to funny and its hardly a song material. Still she manages to gain popularity based on the trolls and the negative comments that came her way.

Now because of her sudden popularity and curiosity among people about her, she has got entry in Big Boss 11 House as a wild card.

Dhichak Puja

Who is Dhinchak Pooja

  •  Dhinchak Pooja  real name is Pooja Jain.
  • She is from Uttar Pradesh and now living in Delhi.
  • She is presently pursuing a master’s degree in English Honors.

She has  prefixed the word dhinchak to her name because she believes her personality and all her songs are “easy going” or “carefree”.

How she became popular ?

This question has come as curiosity among many of us after watching her videos and later her entry in Big boss 11 house.

So, here we will find why she is so famous?

So after going through all the information’s about  Dhinchak Pooja, i come to a conclusion that, their is nothing extraordinary about her.  It’s us the people who trolled and criticised her has made her so famous.

Now a days, its easy for people to  become popular based on their work with negative fame, so did happen with Dinchak pooja.

How Popular she is ?

After seeing why she is so famous, we can just go through her fame in you tube  and that means how many followers and viewers she got there.


Her first song Swag Wali Topi  released in June 2016 on YouTube got massive negative reviews from  social media. It got over 121,406 views in just a month. After that  she released “Daru“, which got her more criticism. Her major breakthrough was with the 2017 single “Selfie Maine Leli Aaj”, which turned her into an internet sensation.

 Dhinchak Pooja’s Selfie Leli Mene Aaj song has more than 12 Million (1 Crore, 20 Lac+) views on YouTube. Her page likes have crossed 1 Lakh mark.

Her latest song “Dilon ka shooter hai mera scooter”   crossed 1 million + views in just 2 days.

Hmm, she is quite famous, is not it ?