Updated: Humsufi and Shreyasi is the first pair who got eliminated from the Rising Star India. In the duets challenge they performed on the song Mera Piya Ghar Aaya and got 75 % vote but it was not enough to go to top 10.   As per show format bottom two team went for face off round where Humsufi and Shreyasi performed on song Chal Chhayya Chayya and bagged 82%.

The next team of face off round was Nikita and Jidnesh, Both of singer performed well and with 89% vote on the voting meter, they  made it to the green zone by beating Humsufi and Shreyasi.


In the Rising Star India 2017 Shreyasi and Humsufi are teaming up for duets challenge.

Where other singers are upset and little down after getting their partner in Rising Star India unlike Shreyasi and Humsufi are super excited to be paired up in Rising Star India.

Just keep tune with Rising Star India for an extraordinary performance by Humsufi and Shreyasi

Shreyasi & Humsufi share a bong connection & are super excited to be paired up in Rising Star India Duets Challenge. Watch their excitement.