Kung Fu Yoga Movie: Review
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    Kung Fu Yoga Movie: Review - 5/10


Kung Fu Yoga movie is a much awaited movie of 2017.Due to China, India Joint production there was much more expectation from this movie.

So, lets Review if it stands up to the mark or not.

First of all we have thought that it will have a great combination of Kung Fu and Yoga, as its name suggests. But there is no trace of yoga in it, only Kung Fu action scenes are there.

Secondary as Jackie Chan in main lead it was thought to be a movie to remember, but it’s a one time watch that too if you are a Jackie Chan fan.

Jackie is still having his charm and looks good in Bollywood style dance and song.

Sonu Sood role is not that impressing. Disha Patani and Amyra Dastur are also ok, anyhow they didn’t get much to do in the movie.

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Kung Fu Yoga movie review: Jackie Chan and Sonu Sood’s promotions of this film was way better than anything that the movie has to offer.

Kung Fu Yoga Movie Review
Nihit Bhave, TNN, Updated: Feb 3, 2017, 10.54 AM IST

Kung Fu Yoga review: Jackie Chan, Sonu Sood’s movie has lot of action but no yoga
Kung Fu Yoga
Director: Stanley Tong
Rating: 1.5/5

Kung Fu Yoga movie review: Jackie Chan, Sonu Sood are squandered in this dated tosh

Kung Fu Yoga Movie Review: Jackie Chan’s Bollywood Moves Are The Most Charming Part

Kung Fu Yoga is a 2017 action-adventure comedy film written and directed by Stanley Tong and having  Jackie Chan and Sonu Sood in the main lead .

This film is a Chinese-Indian co-production of Taihe Entertainment (China) and Shinework Pictures (China).

This film got already released in  China on January 28, 2017 and is scheduled to release in India on February 3, 2017

Kung Fu Yoga Movie Review

Kung Fu Yoga Movie: Story

Jackie Chan as Jack, a renowned professor of archaeology at the Terracotta Warriors Museum in Xi’an, teams up with young Indian professor Ashmita played by Disha Patani and her assistant Amyra Dastur as  Kyra to locate India’s lost Magadha treasure in Tibet.

Their this adventure  is interrupted by   Randall  played by Sonu Sood, a descendant of the original owners of the treasure who is also behind the missing treasure.

Kung Fu Yoga Movie: Cast

Jackie Chan as Jack

Aarif Rahman as Jones Lee

Zhang Yixing as Xiaoguang

Miya Muqi as Noumin

Sonu Sood as Randall

Disha Patani as Kyra

Zhang Guoli

Amyra Dastur – Ashmita

Jain Kumar


Kung Fu Yoga Movie : Release Date

China Kung Fu Yoga Movie release date was  on January 28, 2017

India on February 3, 2017