Jivi mobiles are Magicon Impex Pvt. Ltd‘s brand which was launched in 2011 with an aim to offer “Rich on Features, Value for Money” mobile phones to the Indian market. As part of  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, Jivi Mobiles has strengthened its presence by setting up a manufacturing unit in Delhi. With its own setup in China and Hongkong, the Product Range of JIVI Mobiles caters to every segment of the population, starting with the entry level bar phones with FM to High-end 3G Android based smart phones.

Jivi Mobile’s first factory is built on an area of 16000 sq. ft. which would cater to north and east India. The first facility has an installed capacity of manufacturing seven lakh phones per month with the current man power of more than 300 employees. It has more than 20 branch offices, 25,000 dealers & 533 distributors under its umbrella, JIVI Mobiles represents the robust growth of a Smart Developing India. Besides making a mark in India, JIVI has already expanded its wings offshore to countries like India, Myanmar, USA, Srilanka, Indonesia, Africa, Hongkong, China & Dubai.

History of Magicon Impex Pvt. Ltd and JIVI mobiles:

The company has as importer and distributor of Handsets in India in 2004 and launched it’s own JIVI brand multimedia feature handsets in 2011. It launched  Android Smart Phones and tablets associated with one of the leading service providers Aircel and BSNL in 2012 and series of CDMA handsets for TATA & Reliance in 2013. Taking part in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative with an aim to promote, JIVI mobiles launched Android Smart Phones in 2014. In October-2016 Irfan Khan associated with JIVI mobiles as brand ambassador.

Irfan Khan is the brand ambassador of JIVI Mobiles:

Irfan Khan named  as brand ambassador for JIVI mobiles in October-2016. Jivi Mobiles- The mobile division of Magicon Impex Pvt. Ltd has signed up Irfan Khan. As we can watch Irfan Khan to advertise JIVI mobiles and its innovative features these days online as well as offline.

Review of Jivi Mobile brand
  • Review of Jivi Mobile brand - Jeevan ke safar main Jee Jaan Laga dene walo ka phone


Jivi mobiles are Magicon Impex Pvt. Ltd’s brand which was launched in 2011.
More than 500 service centers in India.
It launches Nice cdma mobiles with long battery life in good price.
Series of CDMA handsets for Reliance and TATA.
You can buy JIVI mobiles as low as Rs 749. One of the cheapest price.
Cheapest android smartphones brand in India. JIVI makes smartphones at low prices.
These smartphones are manufactured in China and Hong Kong.
The company also makes feature phones like mobile with mini fan etc.
Product Range of JIVI Mobiles caters the demand of every segment of the population.
JIVI Mobiles starts with the entry level bar phones with FM to High-end 3G Android based smart. phones.

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