Ekta Kapoor’s historical Saga Chandra Nandini, that is getting  aired on Star Plus is seriously Deforming the real story of  Chandragupta Maurya. what  they think ?viewers are without brain. They are showing anything in the name of History.

Ekta Kapoor we did not expect this from you.

Image Courtesy: @StarPlus via Twitter

Image Courtesy: @StarPlus via Twitter

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Historical evidence suggests the name of Chandragupta Maurya’s wife as Durdhara, but the serial portrays her as Nandni.

Lineage of Durdhara According to History :-

According to the Mahavamsa-tika, Chandragupta had married his first-cousin, the daughter of the eldest of the maternal uncles who accompanied his mother to Pataliputra and raised her to the dignity of queen-consort. This daughter is surmised to have been Durdhara.

But what we are seeing in  Chandra Nandini is Totally different .

Image Courtesy: @StarPlus via Twitter

Image Courtesy: @StarPlus via Twitter

Durdhara was the first wife of Chandragupta Maurya according to History But Chandra Nandini has different story to tell

We know Durdhara was the first wife of chandragpta maurya, But what Chandra Nandini is showing has made me loose my cool. How can they just change the history. Hmm, so According to  serial Chandra Nandni :-  Chandragupta first  sees Helena when he managed to  gets into the army of Alexander. However, according to History:-Chandragupta met Helena years after his first wife’s  death.

At that time Chandragupta was said to be in his 40s. Helena must be in her 20s .

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Now In Chandra Nandini  we saw marriage of Helena with Chandragupta so that they both can take their  revenge .

Image Courtesy:Twitter

Image Courtesy:Twitter

So technically Helena has become the first wife according to Chandra Nandini.

But  According to History  Helena the daughter of Greek general Selecus Nicator was the second wife of  Chandragupta Maurya . Durdhara was the first wife and mother of Bindusara.

Its only the starting phase of this serial.

I always ask a question to myself :- Why our TV industry don’t do any research on  any Historical Saga before showing it to the viewer.

Its their responsibility also to show the real facts .