Rising Star S02 Episode 3 Episode started with host Ravi Dubey  honouring all the dabba wallas, postmen, nurses and security guards for their services to keep India moving.

First Performance of the day was by Nigam brothers from Uttar Pradesh.

Nigam brothers Rising Star S02 Episode 3

This sibling musical duo have been a backbone to each other through good & bad times.

They performed on  Maa Tujhe Salaam and Bande Mataram.

The fusion of western music along with classical by Nigam Brothers made viewers to connect with the music that they play.

Nigam brothers  set the stage on fire with an amazing performance and raised the wall scoring 91% votes.

Nigam brothers share how Shankar sir has always been an inspiration for them in their musical journey.

Next little contestant Prakruthi Reddy of age 8yrs come on the stage to sing  Nagada Sang Dhol.

She sang nicely, but was not able to raise the wall and got only 67% of vote.

Diljit Dosanjh  did appreciates Prakruthi Reddy by calling her India ka little Rising Star.

Alankar Mahtolia Rising Star S02 Episode 3

Alankar Mahtolia  who came here to fulfil his mother’s dream of her son being known for his music, set the right mood with his mesmerising voice.

He sang Chunar.

Alankar Mahtolia  won the hearts of many by raising the wall by scoring 86% votes.

Now came a mindblowing performance by not any contestant, but by Rising Star judge Shankar Mahadevan.

He dedicated Tuje Sab Hai Pata Maa, song to all the mothers in India while his own mother was  watching  him LIVE.

What an emotional performance it was!!!!

Next  Manganiyar Fusion group brought  their traditional folk music of Rajasthan with a Bollywood touch to the set of Rising Star Season 2.

 The  folk musicians of Manganiyar community were here to take  forward the legacy of their region with a mix of fusion.

They performed on the song  Saree Ke Fall Sa.

With a fusion of folk and Bollywood music Manganiyar Fusion group  raised the wall by scoring 90% votes.

Inspite of his personal challenges Raenit Singh came to  win hearts of viewers and judges  with his performance.

Raenit Singh sang Moh Moh Ke Dhaage.

Raenit Singh  stunned everyone with his amazing voice and raised the wall by scoring  huge 94% votes.

Then came Raman Kapoor from Gurugram, Haryana, who has already performed with singer Mika Singh.

Mika Singh came Live to wish him  all the best.

Raman Kapoor sang Rang De Basanti song .

With power and passion Raman Kapoor manages to raise the wall by scoring 80% votes.

Mohammad Rehan Quraishi from Lucknow who was born without a leg came next to sing. Continuing to live with his disability, he aims to pursue his passion without letting anything get in the way.

He performed on the song  Aas Paas Khuda in his sweet voice. But his performance was not enough to raise the wall as he got only 73% of mark.

Mohammad Rehan Quraishi got a hug from all the  experts for his sportsman spirit.

We salute your passion !!!

In the last minute of this singing reality show Sindhu Wadekar aka Sindhu Tai was to sing  Hansta hua noorani chehra on the popular demand of the viewers, but again in this episode also her performance could not happen as the time was over.

We are eagerly waiting for her performance to happen.