All singers of top 6 are fabulous but only one is going to win the very first Rising Star India title.  Before guessing about very first winner of Rising Star India, First we should look out top contestants performances through out Rising Star journey.

Rising Star India 2017 winner

It is tough to decide, who is going to win the Title,as all the contestants are eak se badh ke eak.

But the four contestants whose chances are more to win this  Rising Star India 2017 Title are:-

Ankita Kundu:

The Rising Star India has singer like Ankita Kundu who has a huge fan following all over India. In every performance she has got the good voting percentage but not highest voting starting from Live round to Duet round . Despite getting  less vote in compare to other contestants who got  highest votes, her every performances has put a mark on our hearts like never before! . In the Retro Round she received the most overwhelming response after her performance. Even expert Diljiit Doshanjh  said in the same  episode that it is surprising, why Ankita does not get good vote percentage after giving performance like this. Ankita is one of the most strong contender for Rising Star India Title. One important information about her, She can sing in 9 languages wow!!!

Watch Ankita Kundu Performance in Retro Round:

Maithili Thakur:

Maithili is exceptionally talented and melodious singer. She hails from Bihar and is only 16 years old is giving a very strong competition  to all contestants with her very classic and awesome performances in every episode. Maithili’s every performances has won the heart of not only viewers but also the experts. Maithili has shown her exceptional talent in many National level singing competition like Indian Idol -2015 and SAREGAMAPA. She has received several distinguished awards in music.

Maithili Thakur performance in Retro Round:

Bannet Doshanj:

Bannet Dosanjh is on a roll after giving brilliant performances every weekend! . He had participated in Voice of Punjab. He is the only singer who continuously improved his perfromance in every round. From Live round, Disco Round, Dil Se Round to Retro Round he is giving one after one brilliant performances. Bannet Dosanjh is a strong contestant of this singing reality show and he proved the same.

Watch Bannet Dosanjh performance in Retro Round:

Ameya Date:

Ameya Date has participated in Indian Idol season 2 where he got eliminated from top 4. It was first time in Musical compition history where judges of show walked out of the sets to protest elimination of a contestant. when Ameya Date was voted out of Indian Idol 2. Judges Sonu Nigam, Anu Malik and Farah Khan walked out of the sets, saying they did not have faith in a system that voted out the best singers. Ameya Date has a musical lineage. He himself was trained under the maestro Suresh Wadkar.

Ameya date, Monali Thakur as well as Neha Kakkar were the participants of Indian Idol Season 2 where Monali and Neha eliminated before Ameya, And Ameya went to top 4. Bacause of hard work Neha Kakkar and Monali is well established singer in idustry now. In Rising Star India Monali is the Judge of show and Ameya is contestant. It needs lots of courage to stand again against all odds.

Even though his performamnce in Retro Round was not up to mark as expected but Ameya is very strong contender. He can sing from classical to rock, It will not be surprise if he win the show.

Watch Ameya Date performance in Retro Round: