Aarambh Star Plus Serial : Second episode starts with  Hahumaa foresight about destruction of Dravidian civilisation.

She says “its destruction, death, what am I seeing, go and stop her, explain her,  her responsibility. ”

Dayalini says devsena  does not like the throne.  Hahumaa says  chain her feet, cut her wings, make her queen. Dayalini gets shocked.

Aarambh serial 25th june,second episode story

But Devsena’s father smiles and says we will obey your command.

Hahumaa says it’s the correct time i got informed about this, Devsena rajyabhishek will be done  after three days, prepare for Abhishek.

Meanwhile in the Aryan camp, they are going to do Kayast last rites, for it they need his sword, but they could not find it.

The sword is already given to Varundev by Kayast.

But Aryan’s are not ready to take Varundev as the succsessor of Kayast and for this he need to prove himself by fighting to other Aryans.

Devsena’s father   recalls in  past how  Chamundi the queen and mother of devsens used to  solve the problems in Rajya. Story goes into Flas back where a   lady is  praising Chamundi . Chamundi asks Arvamudan why is he worried. He says i  along with  my daughter has a complain.   our  daughter needs her mother’s attention. on this  Chamundi remind him, that their duty is more than just for family.

Arvamudan comes out of the flash back and  holds the sword. Devsena comes there. After father daughter hug,  He told her that after becoming queen many things  will change, your well wishers will become your enemy. For that , Devsena says but I have no enemy. He says this will be first step towards becoming a queen. She looks at the throne.

On the other side Varundev crosses all the hurdles and become the winner, without getting any wound.

Dravidian’s are preparing for Abhishek of devsena,  Hahumaa comes there,  Arvamudan welcomes Hahumaa.  Devsena takes the oath that her life will always be dedicated to welfare of Dravid Rajya. A black cow is brought for sacrifice, but before that the cow fell dead.

Hahumaa says apshagun, this Rajya Abhishek can’t happen.

Varundev is appointed as chief of Aryan’s by purohit.

Hahumaa senses dangers of  Devsena’s death from three sides, one is Dayalini, second  an Aryan, third  Arvamudan,