Review of latest update on Jallikattu ban:

There is a protest happening tomorrow Jan, 22 Sunday 10 AM in Ulsoor, Thiruvalluvar statue organized by Bangalore Tamil Sangam. Also organizers that is Bangalore Tamil Sangam have got police permission as mentioned in several posts shared on socail media . It is expected that more than 5000 people will join the protest on coming Sunday.

Protest over Jallikattu ban reached to Bangalore:

Now the waves of protest over Jallikattu ban reached to Bangalore. Today Jan, 19 protest will done at Town hall from 4 to 7. The message is circulating on the social media that  “With the permission from the police for the protest, Now it’s our turn to show our support to Tamilnadu I here by request all my friends brother sister in Bangalore to come here and support for one of Indian state to not to loose their heritage and culture.”

Jalli kattu is NOT Bullfight! because Bulls are NOT killed or tortured during Jalli kattu. Not all bulls are suitable for Jallikattu. Few indigenous breeds which are known for their strength and ferocious nature are only used in this sport.

All over in Tamilnadu peoples are protesting against Jallikattu ban. Largely the peaceful protests entered the second day on Wednesday and spreads across Tamil Nadu against the Supreme Court’s ban on Jallikattu.

Students and youngsters of many leading arts and science colleges as well as engineering colleges joined the protest and they are on the roads and public places demanding the conduct of Jallikattu. They are protesting against animal welfare organisations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and (PETA) on whose petitions the Supreme Court banned the bull-taming sport.

Protesters are getting supports from film personalities too as  Film actor Raghava Lawrence was the latest Kollywood representative to express support when he joined the demonstration opposite the Ice House on Kamarajar Salai. Even a number of  college students bunked classes to be at the protest venue and  numbers swelling as the day progressed.

Given below the full message circulating on Facebook and Twitter to support Jallikattu in Bangalore.

Bangalore !!! #Bangaloresupportjallikattu

Protest from Bangalore will done tomorrow at Town hall from 4 to 7 �

We got the permission from the police for the protest � thanks to the Karnataka police 🙂

So now it’s our turn to show our support to Tamilnadu I here by request all my friends brother sister in Bangalore to come here and support for one of Indian state to not to loose their heritage and culture ��

Please do share this information as much as possible� and do come and support us �
#AmendPCA #JusticeForJallikattu


About Jallikattu:

Jallikattu is a socio-religious festival, and not entertainment . The religious, social, and cultural festival of Jallikattu was followed for thousands of years throughout Tamil Nadu. Jallikattu has been known to be practiced during the Tamil classical period (400-100 BC). Jallikattu is a bull taming event typically practiced in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal celebrations on Maatu Pongal day. During Jallikattu a running bull is released into a crowd of people. Participants attempt to grab the bull’s hump and ride it for as long as possible, attempting to bring the bull to a stop. In some cases, participants must ride long enough to remove flags affixed to the bull’s horns.

There are lot of rules and restrictions associated with Jallikattu event but if some one breaks the rules then we can not questions on whole event.

Benefits of Jallikattu in breeding:

Bulls that are able to participate successfully in the Jallikattu event are used as studs for breeding. This practice ensures that only the strongest and most virile bulls are used for breeding, thus effectively making the offspring of such bulls stronger, less susceptible to diseases and able to produce higher quality milk.

Jalli Kattu  rules:

These are the rules of Jallikattu event.

  1. The Bull will be released on the the arena through the entry gate called ‘ Vadi Vaasal’.
  2. The bull tamer / contestant should try to ‘catch’ the bull by holding onto its hump only.
  3. The bull-tamer should hold onto the bull till it crosses the ‘finish’ line. (Usually it is about 50 feet, marked by hanging overhead marker flags along the line.)
  4. If the bull throws the tamer off before the line or if no-one manages to hold on to the bull, then the bull will be declared victorious.
  5. If the bull-tamer manages to hold on to the hump till it crosses the ‘finish line’, then the bull tamer is declared the winner.
  6. Only one bull tamer should hold on to the bull at one time.
  7. If more than one bull tamers hold on to the bull, then there is no winner.
  8. The bull tamer should ONLY hold on to the hump.
  9. He should NOT hold on to the neck or horns or tails of the bull. Such tamers will be disqualifies.
  10. No bull tamer will hit or hurt the bull in any manner.