Chinese Pilot of an Airbus A320, named He Chao  who saved 439 lives:

Real Hero: The captain of an Airbus A320 who saved 439 lives. Chinese Pilot, named He Chao avoided a collision with another plane on the same runway at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport that could have killed 439 people. He Chao awarded 3 million yuan  by his employer China Eastern Airlines for his heroic act which saved awarded 3 million yuan (HK$3.45 million) by his employer China Eastern Airlines. Also The plane’s crew members were awarded 600,000 yuan between them, the report said. An aircraft flew in the wrong direction after taking off from an airport in southwest China and had to be directed back on track by air traffic controllers, according to reports.


Chao’s plane was about to take off when he saw an Airbus A330  plane entered the runway. Then He Chao, chose to accelerate and fly over the other aircraft avoiding a head-on crash by just 19 metres (62 feet). He Chao is a veteran captain of the Shanghai-based airline. He has also been rated an “advanced party member”, an honour given to a select few for their achievements, news portal reported. BTW this blunder mistake done by air traffic controllers.  Shanghai aviation authorities questioned why air traffic controllers cleared two aircraft for same runway.

Watch video of Shanghai airport where China Eastern plane takes off as another jet crosses runway: