Beware of Chinese eggs

Rumors of Chinese fake eggs in the Indian markets:

News of Chinese fake eggs in the Indian markets has gone viral these day. It is a rumor on social media that fake eggs are being sent to India from China, which contain deadly chemicals that are harmful to health.If the rumors spread on social media  is true then the chemical found in fake eggs are very dangerous for health. So beware,and ignore this slogan of National Egg Coordination Committee’s “Sunday ho ya Monday, Roj khao ande” till you are fully confirmed that this is  a rumor only. If the reports of fake eggs flooding on social media is true then it might be a health hazard.

After the news of Chinese eggs in the market, Chhattisgarh government has already issued alerts and order to probe the matter. Followed by Chhattisgarh government alert and order of probe, the central government took it strictly and ordered the state government to seriously check the matter and not take any type of negligence. Central government  has asked state government to check, IF really Chinese eggs are sold in market. Following the order of the Central government the state has issued alerts from 23 December.  However there is no such case of fake eggs is reported yet by government. source

How to identify fake eggs?

Fake egg is coarse and bit brown in color than real eggs. While real egg on top is smooth and white. After boiling the fake eggs the upper part of the eggs made of calcium carbonate is remain tough and the white part is tightened inside and you can throw the yellow yolk of fake egg as a ball.

On tapping a fake egg lightly, you will hear a less crisper sound than you would hear in case of a real egg. If you break the egg and keep it for some time, the egg white and the yolk will soon mix with one another, since they are essentially made from the same ingredients. The fake eggs do not stink even if cooked and kept in the open for days, and do not attract ants or flies. When you fry a fake egg, the yolk will be spread without being touched unlike a real egg.

Upper shell of China made eggs are made of calcium carbonate, surface of the egg shell contain calcium carbonate, gypsum powder and wax And Sodium Alginate, alum,  gelatin and calcium chloride mixture is filled inside.