Central Government of India schemes for cashless transactions:

Yes, Now you can be one of the lucky consumer among 15000 consumers who can get Rs. 1000  cashback daily of your digital transactions. It has been a month since PM Modi had announced ban on Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 notes and then onwards   people are facing problem to withdraw the cash. There is no sufficient cash in banks. Common man are not able to do cash transaction for their daily needs. Nation is yet to recover from demonetization. So The central Government of India has initiate d schemes to promote cashless transactions.

Lucky Grahak Yojana and Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojna are the two initiatives launched by Government to move towards  cashless transactions.  PMO has launched these two path breaking schemes to incentive cashless transactions. 15000 consumers using digital payments shall win a cash back prizes of Rs. 1000 daily. Also consumers using digital payments shall win weekly prizes of worth One Lack, Rs. 10000 and Rs. 5000.

Eligible Modes of Payments:

  • Rupay
  • AEPS
  • UPI
  • USSD

Nice step but still some improvement required:

Government shall announce incentives for digital transactions instead of these schemes. Waiver of service tax and service charges will uplift people to use cashless transactions. If Central Government of India remove remittance charges per transaction, then this would enhance the consumer to pay online. Also the monthly limit should be broaden on remittances. Also Government shall include other cards like VISA/Master card etc as one of the Eligible modes of Digital Payment.

Lucky Grahak Yojana details :

  • Who will use credit/debit card or any digital mode of payments for any transactions can get cash back of Rs. 1000 daily or other prizes.
  • This scheme will start from Dec, 25th 2016 the coming Christmas festival and end April,14th 2017.
  • All digital transactions will counted and maintained under NITI ayog to track the record of transactions.
  • Lucky consumer can win prize of One Lakh.

Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojna Details:

  • Merchants can participate in this Yojna who all are using POS (Point of Scale Machine) for cashless transactions. This machine record the location and transactions.
  • Under this scheme Merchants can win Rs, 50000 every week.
  • This scheme will start from Dec, 25th 2016 the coming Christmas festival and end April,14th 2017.
  • Also there is a mega award for merchants.