Again  Shankar Mahadevan has proved that he  is a man of his word by keeping his promise given to the Rising Star India  Contestant Sayani Palit.

Shankar Mahadevan had promised to Sayani Palit that he will work with Sayani Palit for a playback song on the set of Rising Star India during 26th march episode.

It was Duels ki Takkar between Sayani Palit and Maithili Thakur on 26th March on of Rising Star India where music maestro promised that, He will work with the contestant who will be eliminated.

It was one of the best singing Takkar of Rising Star India, Both singers were fabulus, but sayani got eliminated based on live voting percentage. But Shankar Mahadevan  promise made it win win takkar for both the singers.

Sayani Palit latest song with Shankar mahadevan:


About Sayani palit:

Sayani Palit She born in 1989 and started learning classical from the age of 4 years under Smt. Chandana Chakrabarty. She has first class first in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Classical Music from Calcutta University. Still she is learning music under guru Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty and Padma Bhushan Girija Devi.

She has won many awards including the National Scholarship Award for the young artists 2010-2011 from the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India; Telegraph award for Excellence 2006, Dover lane talent search award 2011 and many other awards & scholarships. Sayani has also won the Benadryl Big Golden Voice of India Season 2 title. Sayani is a regular performing artist of All India Radio.

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