Peshwa Bajirao the  Indian Hindi historical period drama television series, which is getting  aired on  Sony TV, so far has been successful in entertaining the viewers with its true historical facts about the great Marathi Warrior, Peshwa Bajirao, with perfect onscreen performance by the lead and supporting actors as well.

Till now we have seen child actor Rudra Soni as child Baji, getting important life lessons from his parents   Anuja Sathe as Radhabai and  Manish Wadhwa as Balaji Vishwanath.

Now Its probably the time for a leap in the story,  where grown up Baji will be seen Conquering all his war without getting defeated and creating history.

So, Like all the viewers we are also prett excited to get to know, yes !! that who is going to play grown up Peshwa Bajirao.

And as according to some latest reports, it is none other than  Siya Ke Ram fame  Karan Suchak .

Siya Ke Ram fame Karan Suchak as grown up peshwa bajirao


Wait and watch His performance as Grown up Peshwa Bajirao.

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