Mehernigor Rustom Rising Star S02 Contestant Episode 5 Performance

Kazakhstan’s singer Mehernigor Rustom in Rising Star India season 2:

Mehernigor Rustom  is Rising Star S02 Contestant, who is going to perform in  Episode 5.

She was born in Kazakhstan, but her heart resides in India.

We are excited to Meet the beautiful Bollywood buff, Mehernigor Rustom.

A love story on Rising Star:

Mehernigor Rustom expressed her love for Bollywood, along with she is in love with India and an Indian Rohapreet Singh who is already selected for top 30 singers in Rising Star India. Rohanpreet Singh was the first  contestant to perform in the First episode of Rising Star Season 2

Watch Mehernigor Rustom Rising Star S02 Contestant Episode 5 Performance:


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