Chhath Puja heart touching song: Pahile Pahel Chhathi Maiya Vol 2

Alka Yagnik and Bharat Sharma ‘Vyas’  Chhath Puja  song:

Chhath song  ‘Pahile Pahel Chhathi Maiya’ a very heart touching song of last year sang by legendary singer Sharda Sinha. This song had become very popular in last year. This year too,  Champaran Talkies-NeoBihar-JaiOm Productions have come with another heart touching video, which is effectively a sequel to the previous season. This time it’s popular folk singer Bharat Sharma ‘Vyas’ and Bollywood’s Alka Yagnik reviving the magic of Chhath puja.

The story and voice both are too good. The song conveys the simplistic and earthy connection of chhat – aastha ka maha parv and acknowledges the Chhat festival.  The song symbolizes that purity and faith of this grand festival can be beautifully carried forward by new people and generations. The short musical video stars Kranti Prakash Jha, In the video series, the actors play a couple in love marriage. While Kranti plays a migrant from Bihar, Kristine plays a Punjabi girl. The video has been directed by Nitin Neera Chandra.

In last year’s video, Ruchika (Kristine) had volunteered to helm Chhath puja after Kranti’s mother told him on telephone that no one was doing the puja at their home that year and hence the tradition would end.

In this year’s video, Ruchika is 8-month pregnant and she is still willing to perform the puja so that the tradition doesn’t end even though her doctor has advised her against doing Chhath puja, but Kranti puts an end to the discussion saying they never go against the doctor’s advice. But then he springs a surprise, by doing the puja himself.

Alka Yagnik and Bharat Sharma Chhath puja song lyrics :

कबहुँ ना छूटी छठि मइया, हमनी से बरत तोहार  हमनी से बरत तोहार  तहरे भरोसा हमनी के,

छूटी नाही छठ के त्योहार  छूटी नाही छठ के त्योहार  अपने सरन में ही रखिह∫,

दिह∫ आसिस हज़ार  दिह∫ आसिस हज़ार  गोदिया भराईल छठी मइय्या,

बाटे राऊर किरपा अपार  बाटे राऊर किरपा अपार  चाहें रहब देसवा बिदेसवा,

छठ करब हम हर बार  छठ करब हम हर बार  डूबतो सुरुज के जे पूजे,

इहे बाटे हमर बिहार  इहे बाटे हमर बिहार  फलवा दउरवा सजाके,

अईनी हम घाट पे तोहार  अईनी हम घाट पे तोहार  दिहनी अरघ छठी मईया,

करीं हमर आरती स्वीकार  करीं हमर आरती स्वीकार  कबहुँ ना छूटी छठि मइया,

हमनी से बरत तोहार  हमनी से बरत तोहार  तहरे भरोसा हमनी के,

छूटी नाही छठ के त्योहार  छूटी नाही छठ के त्योहार  छूटी नाही छठ के त्योहार  छूटी नाही छठ के त्योहार

Sharda Sinha Chhath Puja song dedicated to the next generation: Vol 1

“Pahile Pahil ham kaini Chhathi Maiya vrat tyohar” a very good and heart touching song, Surely people will love this nice song by Sharda Sinha. this is story of every person who is far from his home town and family but missing their Chhat puja solely.

Watch video of latest Chhath puja Song by Alka Yagnik and Bharat Sharma:


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