SO Finally Ekta Kapoor much awaited serial Chandra Nandini goes live on Star Plus at 8.30 pm from 10th October. For all the viewers we are going to share the review of the historical serial till date.

Chandra Nandni Serial:  The Begining

The serial starts with a narration from  Bharat Maa. Bharat maa speaks -why we always praise a king, not a queen who are always behind the success of a king. Then she narrates about her favourite king Chandragupta Maurya and his queen Nandini. But before getting into Chandra Nandini story, she starts the story of Moora, Moora is Chandragupta Maurya’s mother.


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History claims Moora to be a dasi but, She in fact was a Maharani. Story starts with moora having a good time with her husband SuryaguptMaurya, the king of Piplivan. She is pregnant.

SuryaguptMaurya gets a invitation from Magadh. They both head towards magadh.

Everything looks fine until a  daas named Nand who lusts Moora starts to molest Moora. Moora tell this to Avantika queen of magadh, Nand gets arrested for his  deed by avantika. SuryaguptMaurya goes to see avantika, and what he find that Avantika and that das Nand are lovers.

SuryaguptMaurya decides to tell this to Magadh king, but Nand has already killed him.Now he wants to kill SuryaguptMaurya,but anyhow he and moora managed to escape. Due to his injury SuryaguptMaurya can not go far, so he told Moora to hide and eventually he was killed by Nand and his men.

Moora gave birth to Chandragupta Maurya in a stable and hide him. Nand men finds her she was arrested and kept in jail .

Now Nand has become the king of Magadh and Avantika as his queen.

Avantika give birth to a daughter named Nandini, King Nand is in so much love with his daughter,but he forgets the curse of Moora ,who has told him that like her ,his daughter will also face the same insult and hardship.

Chandragupta Maurya is being raised by a couple who doesnot have any child.

Chandra Nandini Serial: Review

The serial claims to have stories that weren’t recorded in the history. However, almost everything shown in these  episodes of the serial is controversial. Everything shown in the serial is different from the history , and is far away from what we know about Chandragupta Maurya.

So, this serial is going to raises many questions in the coming days. We can start with-  is in reality Chandragupta Maurya’s father’s name was Suryagupta Maurya? Was Chandragupt a prince?was he  not son of a dasi?

The Positive point of  Chandra Nandni Serial

The serial is being  produced by Balaji Telefilms’ and the production house is well  known for  good plots, scripts and screnplays that always include controversial subjects and story.

One more positive point about this serial, we can tell is that its going to raise some historical awareness among the viewers, who will surely search the history of Chandragupta Maurya.

The No No point of  Chandra Nandni Serial

Apart from its luxurious set,expensive  dresses of the characters, the serial lacks the historical fictional charm from its  very first episode.

The dialogues appear to be more on the modern side and lacks the ancient Indian accents .


It looks we have to wait for the story of Chandragupta Maurya and Nandini  to start, so that hopefully  once the lead character of serial starts playing their respective roles, the serial will regain its charm and charisma.