Ekta Kapoor’s so called  historical Saga Chandra Nandini, that we can say now is not so Historical with its so many fictional characters and incidents has now added a new twist in the story.

Chandra nandini - Durdhara shown being poisoned by Helena


Recently it was  shown that Durdhara Chandragupta Maurya’s pregnant  wife is dead, because his second wife Helena and her mother has given poison to her. But Nandini who is third wife of  Chandragupta Maurya is getting blamed for this.

So If We See  History :-

Historical evidence suggests the name of Chandragupta Maurya’s wife as Durdhara, but there is no mention of Nandini.

According to Jain tradition, Durdhara was the consort of Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of the Maurya Empire of India. She was the mother of her husband’s successor and the second Mauryan emperor, Bindusara.

Image Courtesy: @StarPlus via Twitter

Image Courtesy: @StarPlus via Twitter

Story of Bindusara’s Birth and Durdhara Death

According to Jain texts, Chandragupta’s advisor Chanakya, used to feed him with small doses of poison to build his immunity against possible poisoning attempts by enemies. One day, Chandragupta not knowing about the poison, shared his food with the pregnant Durdhara who was just seven days away from delivery. The empress, not immune to the poison, collapsed, and died within a few minutes. Chanakya  in order to save the child in the womb,  immediately cut open the dead empress’ belly and took the baby out, by that time a drop of poison had already reached the baby and touched its head due to which the child got a permanent blueish spot or bindu  on his forehead. Thus, the newborn child was named Bindusara.

So Now we  see that  What they are showing in Chandra Nandini Serial is Totally fiction, as there was no one named nandini and secondally, It was Chankya who was held responsible for Durdhara’s death , when Bindusara got to know the incidence related to his birth.

And if we see the facts about Helena, Then it becomes clear that Helena and Chandragupta Maurya met for the first time, when later was in his 40’s.

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Durdhara death tooke place very early in  Chandragupta’s life and he was so much in love with her lady, that for approx 20 yrs he did not get married again.

So, There is not a single doubt about Helena poisoning Durdhara and all.

Chandra Nandini is just a fiction serial in the name of Historical Saga.

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