Alom Bogra Hero aka Ashraful Alom is a rising star and common man hero:

These day the name Alom Bogra or Hero Bogra has become social media sensation. The Bangladeshi rising star has garnered a lot of media attention for him. Everywhere Peoples are talking about him and want to know much about him. Social media has flooded with Hero Alom Bogra photos, songs and Videos. So who is this man and why so much buzz about him. Let me clear for those who does not know about Hero Alom Bogra. Hero Alom is a talented Bangladeshi Model, Actor, common man hero and social media personality, who is especially known for his popular music videos on Facebook and YouTube.

Actor Alom Bogra Personal Life, Career :

Alom Bogra real name is Ashraful Alom Saeed best known as Hero Alom  is a Bangladeshi actor and social media personality. He was born in Eruliya village which comes in Bogra District of Bangladesh.Bogra. He was born in a poor family and raise by adoptive father. Alom Bogra father was a chanachur seller who abandoned Bogra and his mother when he was ten years old only. Alom started working for support himself and his mother after seventh standards. He started CD cassette business prior to start cable network business in his own village. Alom was so much passionate  about media and movies and always dreamed to be an actor. He has produced more than 500 songs till today. Alom hard worked paid back to him and he is media sensation nowdays.

Alom is father of two child, his son name is Abir and daughter name is Alo. He is married with beautiful lady Sumy Akhtar.

Hero Alom Bogra Photos:

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