Kartika Poornima or Kartika purnima or Tripuri Poornima or Tripurari Poornima 2016:

This is a Hindu and Jain holy festival. This festival is celebrated on the Purnima (full moon) day or the fifteenth lunar day of Kartika generally falls in November or December month. It is sometimes called Deva-Diwali or Deva-Deepawali – the festival of lights of the gods.  Kartik Purnima is one of the most renowned Hindu festivals.

The full moon day during the month of Kartik is known as Kartik Purnima.   People from the different region referred the full moon day as Poornima, Poonam, Pournami and Pournimasi. In Vaishnava tradition Kartik month is known as Damodara month. Damodara is one of the names of Lord Krishna.

Date and timings of Kartika purnima 2016:

This year Kartika purnima or Tripuri Poornima falls on 14 Novemeber and Poornima Tithi Begins at 11:17PM (23:17) on 13-Nov-2016 and Ends at 7:22PM (19:22) on 14-Nov-2016.

Importance of Kartik poornima:

On this day lord Shiva killed demon Tripurasura n his form as Tripurantaka, and he called Killer of Tripurasura the son of Tarakasur. Tripurasura had conquered the whole world and defeated the gods and also created three cities in space, together called “Tripura”. The killing of the demon(s) and destruction of his/their cities with a single arrow – by Shiva overjoyed the gods and they declared the day as a festival of illuminations. This day is also called “Dev-Diwali”—the Diwali of the gods. Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights.

Kartik poornima is also the birthday of Matsya, god Vishnu’s fish-incarnation (Avatar). It is also the birthday of Vrinda, the personification of the Tulsi plant and of Kartikeya, the god of war and son of Shiva. This day also is considered special for Radha, the lover of Krishna – Vishnu’s incarnation. It is believed that Krishna and Radha danced rasa and Krishna worshipped Radha on this day. This day is also dedicated to the pitrs, dead ancestors.

Some believes that the origins of this festival may lie in ancient times, when a sacrifice called Shakamedhah was performed to attain victory over enemies.

The festival has even more significance when the day falls in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) Krittika and is then calledMaha Kartik. The nakshatra is Bharani, the results are stated to be special. If it is Rohini nakshatra, then the fruitful results are even much more. Any philanthropic act on this day is supposed to bring benefits and blessings equal to the performing of ten yajnas (sacrifices)

The famous grand Pushkar mela or fair comes to an end on this day, with last day being the most significant. Devotees perform a sacred bath in the Pushkar Lake to seek salvation. Circling the three pushkars on this day is believed to be highly meritorious.

Traditions and Rituals during Kartik poornima:

On Kartik Purnima pilgrimages takes holy bath. This holy bath is referred as ‘Kartik Snan’ and the chosen places for this ritual are Varanasi and Prayag. The Kartik Snan ritual on Kartik Purnima is done at the time of sunrise on the morning and moonrise in the evening. Kartik Poornima is closely associated with Prabodhini Ekadashi which marks the end of Chaturmas, a four-month period when Vishnu is believed to sleep.

The day of Kartik Purnima also marks the celebrations of Tulsi Vivaah. On this day marriage ceremony of Lord Vishnu with Devi Vrinda (Tulsi plant) is commemorated with great pomp and show.

Devotees worship Lord Vishnu with complete devotion on this day. The idol of the lord is worshipped with flowers, incense sticks and lamps. By offering prayers to Lord Vishnu on this day can put an end to all the worries and bestow a peaceful and cheerful life to the devotees. On this day any sort of violence is strictly prohibited.

Some devotees also keep a fast on Kartik Purnima. This fasting is known as ‘Satyanarayana Vrat’ and recites the ‘Satyanarayana Katha’. After MahaShivratri, the day of Tripuri Poornima is considered very auspicious for Lord Shiva followers. Devotees also perform ‘Rudrabhishek’ also in their houses. On this day temples of Lord Shiva are brightly illuminated.

Offering donations is also one of the prime rituals on Kartik Purnima. Donating lamps is believed to be very rewarding on Kartik Purnima. Reciting Vedic mantras and bhajans is also considered very auspicious on this day.

Kartik purnima or Tripuri Poornima festival date n upcoming years:

2016 – Monday, 14th of November

2017 – Saturday, 4th of November

2018 – Friday, 23rd of November

2019 – Tuesday, 12th of November

2020 – Monday, 30th of November

2021 – Friday, 19th of November

2022 – Tuesday, 8th of November

2023 – Monday, 27th of November