Khalsa Aid feeding humanity is a UK based non-profit group founded on the Sikh principles of equality which says All humans are equal before God there is no discrimination is allowed on the basis of caste, race, gender, creed, origin, color, education, status, wealth, etc. The principles of universal equality and brotherhood. Founders of Khalsa Aid traveled to the region to see how civilians could be helped.

Khalsa Aid went to Erbil in Iraq and near Duhok close to the Syrian border last August, where he started a branch of the Khalsa Aid, called Langar Aid, through which he helped provide food to those who had fled Isis atrocities and lived in refugee camps.

The langar is a core part of the Sikh faith, in which every gurudwara offers food to people of all religions and backgrounds.

Khalsa Aid has also set up a base in Lebanon where thousands of Syrian refugees have fled to, and the team has helped provide books and materials to a local school and are also sending wood to ensure the refugees have protection against the harsh winter. They are also supporting refugees from the Middle East, who are seeking sanctuary in Europe, with operations to provide hot meals, water and clothing in Serbia, Croatia and Greece.

If you wish to help Khalsa Aid and Langar Aid in their service to humanity then you can check details on their website (