After 25th march episode of Indian Idol 2017, and with elimination of Maalvika Sundar Indian Idol 2017 got its Top 3 Idol or Top 3 Contestants.

Maalvika Sundar elimination was a shocking and surprising event of today’s episode, as according to most of the viewers she was one of the strongest contender of India Idol 2017.

Top 3 Contestant list | Top 3 Idol of India Idol 2017

Top 3 Idol Name who are going to compete for Indian Idol 2017 are as follows,

LV Revanth

Rohit PVNS

Khuda Baksh

LV Revanth who hails from Hyderabad is the strongest contender for Indian Idol 2017 and why not, after every performance he has got comment like he is having a voice of hero and as we know he has already sang for Bahubali, so he is having more play back singing experience.

Rohit PVNS who is also form Hyderabad has come a long way during his Indian Idol 2017 Journey. When he came to Indian Idol 2017, he was a shy guy,and was good in classical singing. But now see him, he has found his new identity a versatile singer who can sing any form of song and very confidant. He has come over his stammering problem and made it big.

Khuda Baksh  hails from Muktsar,Punjab is a very strong singer and his chance of winning  Indian Idol 2017 is equally same as LV Revanth and Rohit PVNS. His Journey till date in  Indian Idol 2017 is very inspiring and it does motivate people to dream big. He is favorite of all the judges and most of the celebrities who came on this show.

So, its very tough to decide who is going to win Indian Idol 2017, for us all these 3 are the Winner and deserve fame,name and love of fan.