Aarambh Serial written episode 23rd July 2017

Till now, we have seen that Devsena again tooke birth as dravidian queen, but dies soon after. same happened with varundev rebirth. The Aryan baby also, takes birth with the umbilical cord in his neck and  dies.

Aarambh 23 rd july written episode update


On 23rd july episode starts with Hahumaa saying that Devsena took rebirth and the child can’t die, she has to live and I will bring her to life. While the king wonders how, Hahumaa explains its a rule of nature, one dies and one gets birth.

In Aryan side a  lady tells Arya to give a hot iron shock to the baby’s chest to revive his heart.Mean while  Hahumaa gives life to Devsena by giving up her life. Even Aryan  son gets  life before putting the hot iron rod. Both the babies cry.

The king of Aryan  names his son as Jaldev.

Now the story starts after 20 yrs and Devsena is fully grown by now. Devsena sees a target and aims the arrow. Sambhavija speaks  to the  mirror and says Devsena has become a great warrior, she will kill enemies, you should be happy, the Rajya thinks Devsena will become Rani soon. Devsena comes and asks were you talking to yourself. Sambhavija says yes, I got mad by happiness, you are my pride, I m glad when people praise you.

Devsena asks where is Meghla, Sambhaviija says my innocent and sweet daughter Meghla is  at her usual place doing her usual things. Devsena reaches her sister room, she is also seen  talking to herself, she says, while my sister has strength, I have beauty. As Devsena and Meghla  start sharing their sibling moments, Sambhavija enters the room and joins them.

While Devsena is practicing sword fight, Sambhavija speaks to the king,  her husband Silamban about Devsena. She says that she has now a grown woman and it’s time that she becomes the queen of Dravidians as Hahuma wished. They both come down where Devsena is practicing. Sambhavija comes and announces that it’s high time that we think about your marriage now. Devsena shows disinterest but instead refusing to get married, Devsena says I have just one condition, I will marry that brave man who will defeat me   in war.

Sambhavija   announces  a Dhuwand war, where all brave men are invited for Swayamvar. Meghla says none can make Devsena lose. People come in Swayamvar.  First three men who accept the challenge of Devsena,  they all got defeated by her. Devsena is irked with kind of people are challenging her and she asks her mother to stop this.Now Sambhavija  announces  “you win, you get married to Devsena, if you lose, you lose your life too”.

on the other hand Aryan side we see the entry of  Jaldev. Indramitra during the discussion with the Aryans, asks Jaldev to join them, where he advises his son to finish Devsena and take possession of their kingdom.  Jaldev promises to do so and take blessing of Indramitra .

Devsena  does not wish to marry anyone as of now, but want to focus on how to fight her enemies and take over the kingdom back from aryans. Meghla suggests Devsena that she can ask Hahumaa, who has promised to be with Devsena forever and has also sacrificed her life for her.

Jaldev comes to Dravid Rajya, he fights the men. That’s when he see a woman passing by, he follows her to just have a glance of that beauty, only to find a statue of Devsena there. When he sees it and recall the past.

While we see Devsena is asking  Hahumaa to help her, Hahumaa appears.  She says you will become the queen of Dravid Rajya, more 5 people are born in same Nakshatra, you have to kill them, remember they will pose many dangers to snatch your family and throne. In the meanwhile, Jaldev admires the statue and wished to meet her at least once to get a glance of her.