Flag of any Nation hold utmost importance for its Citizen. The sight of flag is enough to make you feel proud of your country and also it reminds us our duty towards our country and fellow citizens.

Same goes with the bond with  Tiranga i.e our Indian National Flag. We all of us do carry the Flag Very proudly on Independence Day and Republic Day and given any other day. But very few of us know who was the Designer of our National Flag.

So, let us introduce the man

pingali venkayya designer of indian national flag


Pingali Venkayya:- Designer of the Indian National Flag

Today we are celebrating the 141st birth anniversary of the man who was behind the design and creation of our Indian National Flag.

Pingali Venkayya  born on 2 August 1876 and  died on  4 July 1963  was an Indian freedom fighter and the designer of the flag on which the Indian national flag is  based.

As we know, Various so-called national flags had been used by fighters of  independence movement prior, but Venkayya’s version was first designed for the Indian National Congress and subsequently modified in 1947.

He was born  in a Telugu Brahmin family in Andhra Pradesh, Venkayya initially served in the British Indian Army in the Anglo-Boer war in South Africa. He became acquainted with Mahatma Gandhi, during his time there, and got influenced by his ideals. He later worked as a railway guard in Bangalore and Madras and emerged as an activist under the guidance of Dadabhai Naoroji in the 1906 Congress Session.

During the National conference of the Indian National Congress at Kakinada, Venkayya suggested that India should have a national flag.  Gandhi liked this proposal. He suggested that Venkayya came up with a design. During the National conference at Vijayawada, Venkayya proposed a flag with an Ashoka Chakra at the middle. Gandhi liked the result, and the design was later adopted as the National Flag of India.

According to The Hindu, “Pingali Venkayya was an authority in geology, agriculture and also an educationist who set up an educational institution in Machilipatnam. He, however, died in poverty in 1963 and was largely forgotten by the society and by his own party, the Congress.

Lets bow to the great man Pingali Venkayya who gave us the symbol of our pride, our national flag  design.