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Sonu Sood helped a person belongs to Champaran who lost single source of income

Sonu Sood is not only the name of an actor but,he is an NGO himself. Already thousands of people have been  benefited in almost each corner of India from him and the list is keep growing exponentially.

Recently he helped a poor man name Bhola from Champaran, Bihar. It is still  not identified that Bhola belongs to West champaran or East Champaran and exactly which locality. He had lost his son in flood and his Buffalo which was his only source of income.  This information was shared by a social media user,on which Sonu Sood replied.

He wrote “I was not as excited buying my first car as I was excited buying a new buffalo Water buffalo for you. Will drink a glass of fresh buffalo milk when I come to Bihar. Red heart “

The question is that, what government is doing? There would be hundreds of poor men like Bhola who has lost their single source of income in recent flood and this pandemic. And it is not necessarily as well as possible that everyone will get help from the actor himself. So, it is duty of government and elected local leaders and responsibility of nearby people to help the needy persons like Bhola.

Sonu Sood is an inspiration and it must be learned by others too.

Recently Sonu Sood tweeted that he will be providing accommodation for 20,000 migrated workers who have also been provided jobs in garment units in Noida, UP with the help of  NAEC (National Association of Export Companies) President Shri Lalit Thukral.

He wrote “I am delighted to now offer accommodation for 20,000 migrated workers who have also been provided jobs in garment units in #Noida through  @PravasiRojgar. With the support of #NAEC President Shri Lalit Thukral, we will work round the clock for this noble cause Smiling face with halo @lalit_thukral”

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