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Chhath Puja: Sharda Sinha heart touching song for next generation

Sharda Sinha Chhath Puja song dedicated to the next generation:

“Pahile Pahil ham kaini Chhathi Maiya vrat tyohar” a very good and heart touching song, Surely people will love this nice song by Sharda Sinha. this is story of every person who is far from his home town and family but missing their chhat puja solely. A Song dedicated to the next generation . No word for this song just listen it you will fall in love with this. The mere lyrics of this song make you cry. The story and voice both are too good. The song conveys the simplistic and earthy connection of chhat – aastha ka maha parv and acknowledges the Chhat festival.  The song symbolizes that purity and faith of this grand festival can be beautifully carried forward by new people and generations.

Sharda Sinha latest Chhath puja Song Lyrics:

पहिले पहिल हम कईनी, छठी मईया व्रत तोहर.
करिहा क्षमा छठी मईया, भूल-चूक गलती हमार.
सब के बलकवा के दिहा, छठी मईया ममता-दुलार.
पिया के सनईहा बनईहा, मईया दिहा सुख-सार.
नारियल-केरवा घोउदवा, साजल नदिया किनार.
सुनिहा अरज छठी मईया, बढ़े कुल-परिवार.
घाट सजेवली मनोहर, मईया तोरा भगती अपार.
लिहिएं अरग हे मईया, दिहीं आशीष हजार.
पहिले पहिल हम कईनी, छठी मईया व्रत तोहर.
करिहा क्षमा छठी मईया, भूल-चूक गलती हमार.

Watch video of latest Chhath puja Song by Sharda Sinha:

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