Rising Star 2017 Contestants names and Images, 11th Feb Performance review and Voting percentage

Rising Star 2017 Contestants names and Images:

The third episode of Rising Star Singing reality show 2017 season-1 on 11th February witnessed  ups and down where some contestants won the heart of audiences with there awesome performance and some contestants failed to get minimum required voting percentage to raise the wall.

This is the first time in Rising Star journey which saw maximum eviction of contestants. Very first time wall has not raised for more than one contestant. The contestant who failed to get 70% percentage of vote were awesome performer but it was the standered set by other performers that they were not selected in this  live singing reality show.

As usual show started on 11th February with the live act by awesome hosts Meiyang Chang and Raghav Juyal.

Contestants names of Rising Star 11th Feb 2017 :

Rising Star 2017 Singing reality Show Journey has Started on Colors Television Channel with the Auditions of the Singer Aspirants. The live auditions continued on 11th February which was third episode of this show. The Talented Singer Contestants gave the Auditions and they managed to Win the Hearts of 3 Judges namely Shankar Mahadevan, Diljit Dosanjh and Monali Thakur , Audiences and Viewers on Television.

So given below the names of all  the Contestant that participated on the third day of Rising Star Singing reality show on Colors.

Ayesha & Abhipsha, Das Vegas, Divyam Sodhi, MAithili Thakur, Kumar Sanjoy, MeghDhanush Band, Puja Sarkar, Tejpal&Kangkana  has given rocking performance on third episode of Rising Star 2017 Singing reality Show.

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Performance Review of Rising Star 2017 Contestants with Voting percentage:


The first Performance of the day  started  with the song ’Breathless’ by Ayesha & Abhipsha. They tried and gave their best in front of the original singer of this song Shankar Mahadevan. They got 93% of vote and managed to raise the wall.

Next Came   Das Vegas with the song Maya Mayyai. They  managed to sing very well and not only got viewers vote but also got vote from experts and were able to made the wall to raise with final vote of 82 %.

Then Divyam Sodhi came to sing ‘O Re Piya’ song. Though he sang very nicely, but he did not get enough vote to raise the wall and even experts did not support him. He Managed to get only 66% of Vote.

Next  Maithili Thakur From Bihar who is only1 6yrs old gave her very classic and awesome performance on the Song ‘Bhor Bhaye’. This performance won the heart of not only viewers but also the experts. She got 94% of vote and wall raised for her.

Then it was time for ‘Mai Solah Barash Ki’’ by Kumar Sanjoy . He gave both male and femal voice in the song. It was a entertaining performance, But as the experts said he is a very good performer ,but on Rising star they are  looking something different.

Shankar Mahadevan came and again performed with him. He got 66% of vote.

MeghDhanush Band from Gujrat came to the stage and Performed on  ‘‘More bani/Kausambi’ . There  performance was very vibrant and energetic . They got vote from experts as well as from viewers and managed to raise the wall. They got 88% of vote.

Monali Thakur came  to stage and performed with them.

Now it was turn of Puja Sarka from kolkata . She sang ‘parda parda’ song. It was a nice  performance. She got vote from Diljit Dosanjh and she managed to convince Monali Thakur to give her vote to Puja,just before closing of Vote. She got 76% of vote and with slight margin was able to raise wall.

The final performance of the day was on song ‘Besharmi ki height’ by Tejpal and Kangakana.They did not perform well and got only 50%of vote.

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Kumar Sanjoy should have been selected. His performance was rare and very appropriate. He should be called again either on a wild card.

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