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Phillauri Movie: Trailer has got a very positive response from the viewers.

As we got know the movie story is based on a spirit Shashi who was trapped in a tree and now she thinks that she is the bride of the guy who got married to the same tree to ward off the ill effect of his manglik dosh before getting married in reality.

She followes the guy to his home and tells that he got married to her.
The Punch Line is Quite hilarious where she Tells” Shadi ladki se hoti hai tree se nahi”.

Finally when she was asked by the would be bride, if any wish of her was left, the story goes to the time when Shashi was in love with Diljit Dosanj.
Diljit Dosanj is shown as a singer.

So as we see the story starts on a hilarious note,goes to romantic story of shashi and then we can see there must be some tragic incidence due to which she is living the life of a ghost.

Thus in Totality Phillauri Movie have all the ingredients that is required to make a movie hit.

Anushka Sharma As the spirit Shashi is very impressive.
Cenematography is also up to the mark.

Phillauri is an upcoming Indian romantic comedy film,which is being  produced by Anushka Sharma and her brother Karnesh Sharma under the banner of Fox Star Studios and Clean Slate Films.

Anushka is playing role of a spirit. The film’s first official poster was released on February 3, 2017.

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Phillauri Movie: Story

The story of Phillauri Movie starts with the scene,  where the guy Suraj Sharma is declared Manglik and he is told to get marry to a tree first to ward off the ill effect of this dosh, before he gets married.

Twist comes in the tell with the entry of the spirit named Shashi, who was trapped in the same  tree with whom our hero got married. Now she comes to his house because she thought she is married to him .

So it will be quite hilarious to see how the story goes further.

Phillauri Movie: Cast

Anushka Sharma: As the spirit Shashi

Diljit Dosanj

Suraj Sharma

Mehreen Pirzada

Phillauri Movie: Release Date 

The film is scheduled for release on March 24, 2017.

Phillauri Movie:Trailer Review

The trailer of Phillauri got released on 5th Feb 2017.

It look Awesome.

Watch Phillauri Movie:Trailer Here